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Are you worried about if your business is compliant with current HR regulations and guidelines?

Day-to Day HR

Are you tired of answering HR questions from your staff and not having any solutions?

HR Strategy

Do you ever wonder if your people strategy is in line with your overall business strategy?

Your People and Your Values Are Important. We Can Help You Get There!

We listen, respond to your needs and issues, and then devise a plan that we call an “HR Blueprint”. We perform this plan and function as your HR Partners and an extension of your team!

Let us help you reach your goals.

Meet Your HR Experts

Cindi Filer, CEO

Cindi Filer is founder and president of Innovative Outsourcing, which she started in 1995 after leaving the traditional workforce. At the same time, she remains one of the top HR consultants in Atlanta working with CEOs, business owners, and hiring managers. Simply put: She loves small business HR!

Karen Moss, HR Expert

Karen Moss has 30+ years of Human Resources experience, including time with small business, Fortune 500 companies, and even having her own consulting firm. She is passionate about making HR accessible, and saw tHRiving as an opportunity to do just that!

Why Would You Trust tHRiving With Your Business?

  • We Are HR professionals with proven experience in small business
  • We Believe all businesses need an HR Partner
  • We Believe all businesses should have access to experienced and affordable HR
  • We Exist to solve your HR needs, whatever the day-to-day may bring

“We started tHRiving because we saw the overwhelming need for HR in small businesses. As a small business owner myself, I know that HR can take a lot of time and effort that you just do not have. With over 60 years of combined HR expertise, Karen Moss and I saw the opportunity to provide great HR service in an unconventional way. HR is our passion and we cannot wait to show you!”

– Cindi Filer, CEO

What’s My Investment?

Starting at $500/month

Every business has different HR needs and concerns. After completing our “HR Blueprint”, we will help you identify what we need to work on and what factors go into your tailored monthly rate.

Pricing Breakdown

4 Simple Steps to Solving Your HR Needs:

What people are saying?

“I welcome having tHRiving as our Human Resources department because it allows me to grow the best organization possible. I received support on urgent matters, including policies and procedures needed during the pandemic. Additionally, they offered support, accountability, and industry-based knowledge to improve our employee retention, maintain compliance with laws, and identify potential issues allowing us to address concerns before problems arise. I have found a collaborator and an advocate with tHRiving.”

- CEO of Small Financial Firm in Atlanta, GA

“We have worked together for many years and have always been impressed with their professionalism and helpfulness in working with our firm and our clients on any HR related issues. We especially have seen tremendous results in recommending tHRiving’s “HR Blueprint", which has been a great success!”

- President of Benefits Firm in Roswell, GA

By The Numbers…

The Traditional Way:


Range of salary for a HR Generalist


The tHRiving Way:

Starting at $500/month

An HR Team equipped to handle specific HR Needs

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