Pricing Breakdown

We are not just saying this, but truly every situation is different. Your customized monthly rate will be determined by the following HR needs and will result in a monthly rate that starts at $500/month.

Size of company

(Do you have 2 employees or 150?)

Complexity of company

(multi-state employees, labor issues, different types of employees)

HR compliance/organization in place or needed

(Are you looking for an employee handbook, a development of current policies, a development of onboarding and recruiting methodology, and a developed performance evaluation system, etc.?)

Needs of company due to upcoming significant events

(Are you contemplating an M&A transaction, downsizing, quick growth, acquisition of Angel or PE funding, adding new HR system or payroll system?)

Needs in HR

(Do you need us for the full function or just part of the function with the other part done by current employee? Do only high level HR strategy?)

Logistical requirements

(Do you need a person onsite daily, weekly or monthly?)

Special projects

For example, culture assessment, Employee Engagement Survey, New ATS or HCM, Moving away from PEO model, skills, personality or strengths finder assessment.

Volume of recruiting and onboarding

How much is needed each month?


For example, is there an ATS or an HCM or is everything done manually and what processes if any, are in place?

Schedule Free Consultation

In this free consultation, we will ask you a series of questions so that we can provide you with a feel for our HR expertise and give you a pricing breakdown tailored to your business needs.